Grants & Awards

Safe Communities Celebration Grant 2018


Through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, funding is provided annually to provide grants to Neighbourhoods/Communities to engage them in Crime Prevention initiatives and Community
Engagement. It is believed that by engaging communities will support the reduction of Crime in their neighbourhood, support them in target hardening their homes, vehicles and families that will support the
overall reduction of victims through Property Crime. Please see the following on the eligibility, criteria, applying for and receiving a Grant in the amount of $100. There is a maximum of 50 grants for 2018.

Each grant is for a maximum of $100 – an increase from $50 in 2017.

Eligibility for Grant:
• Community must be an active Block Watch Community in good standing with the Block Watch Society
• Neighbourhood applying must be part of their Community Block Watch

Criteria for Grant:
• Event must occur between May 1st and September 4th 2018
• Event must have a component of Crime Prevention and Community Engagement


Block Watch Block Party
Bike safety Rodeo
Crime Prevention Community Talk
Neighbourhood Fun Day

• Event must be inclusive of neighbourhood and neighbours
• Organizers of the event MUST submit a report of their event
• Grants are issued to awarded neighbourhoods after receiving report of the event

Applying for the Grant:
• Complete the attached application

Community Grant Application form 2018

• Deadline for applications is May 4th at noon. 

Selection of Grant Awards:
Each application will be reviewed by a committee formed by the Block Watch Society Board Decision of awarded grants will be based on:
• Crime prevention component
• Community engagement component

• Previous awards to the same community ( a community awarded a grant in the previous year), although meeting criteria, may be selected after new groups to give all an equal chance of grants awarded.
• Award recipients will be active Block Watch neighbourhoods in active Block Watch Communities
• Only applications received by the deadlines will be considered for selection

Thank you Block Watch Society of BC