Safe Communities Celebration Grant 2017


Every year, the British Columbia Ministry of Justice contracts money for the Block Watch Society of BC to provide communities across BC the opportunity to receive one of 65 available grants to engage their community in a Safe Communities Celebration event. In previous years the grants were offered on a first come first serve basis but this year (2017) they will be provided by a lottery system.

Grant Criteria:

The grant is not just for Block Watch Members.  It is for all BC communities and neighbourhood groups.  Provide key details as to how this event will engage your community.  A block watch meeting may do this but applicants must explain how.

Sorry, but the dates below are from last year.

Please check back in the Spring for an update on access to grants in 2018. Start your planning, and good luck.

  • May 1 2017 the grants will be made available for the public to apply.  A link will be provided before May 1 2017.
  • May 15 2017 is the last day to submit your application forms.
  • May 17 2017 Block Watch Society of BC will be reviewing the grants.  The applications will be drawn at random, the criteria will be checked to make sure it is met, and the grants will then be awarded by cheque.

Thank you Block Watch Society of BC