5 Ways to Spot Energy Theft

Weldon LeBlanc
BC Crime Stoppers

Theft of electricity and natural gas happens in communities across BC. This criminal activity poses major safety concerns for utility employees and the public. Plus, the cost of stealing electricity and natural gas is paid for by all customers.

BC Crime Stoppers shares anonymous information related to energy theft directly with FortisBC and BC Hydro investigators to better identify and investigate possible instances of energy theft. This helps protect our neighbourhoods and gives investigators access to timely information.

Energy theft generally involves finding ways to consume energy while bypassing a meter so that it can’t be accurately measured, recorded, or paid for.

How to spot energy theft in your neighbourhood:

1) Meter missing? Metal tag on the meter broken?

2) Wires cut/sticking out? Tools jammed in the meter?

3) Not a BC Hydro/FortisBC employee working on the meter?

4) Wires cut or hanging off the power line itself?5) Lots of extension cords across a property for weeks at a time?

If you suspect energy theft, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS or leave a secure tip online at canadiancrimestoppers.org/tips.

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