A Block Watch New Year’s Resolution for 2021

Crime can create fear and isolation in neighbourhoods. Block Watch aims to fight both,
by bringing neighbours together with each other, and with police.  At the same time, the COVID pandemic has also created anxieties for many of us. It has forced us to stay separate to stay safe.  While crime and a global pandemic are of course quite different, the result on individuals in our communities can be the same.  Much like after being victimized by crime, both can make many feel fearful and alone.  Yet individual neighbourhoods across the province prove that being a part of the Block Watch program fosters connectivity, creating safer and more resilient blocks. The Block Watch program allows us to be a part of the “cure” against these negative impacts of crime, keeping blocks safer for all.  As we welcome 2021 lets all resolve to build stronger and united communities, block by block.  Block Watch, a community powered remedy against crime, fear and isolation.  
A Happy New Year to you from all of us at the Block Watch Society of BC.

Patrick Tracy and Dawn Dickinson, Burnaby RCMP



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