Getting Involved

Volunteer Opportunities with Block Watch

If you are interested in starting a Block Watch program in your area, or if you would like to join an existing Block Watch group, there are generally three different roles you can consider.


Block Watch Captains are essentially community leaders and have a genuine interest in preventing crime in their neighbourhood and/or complex. As a Captain, you will be leading a team consisting of a possible Co-Captain/s and Participants.

The primary function as the Captain is to recruit members to join your Block Watch team and set up communication between the neighbours in your area. You will also serve the crucial link between your community and the Block Watch Office. A Captain should be comfortable using the internet and social media as you will be the main contact for ensuring safety tips and crime trends are communicated to your members, as well as advising the Block Watch Office of incidents in your neighbourhood which have been reported to police. You will also the neighbourhood party planner where a Block Party is thrown once a year to ensure your neighbours remain connected, and to meet new people who have moved into your area.

What’s the difference between a Captain and Co-Captain?

The role of a Co-Captain is generally the same as Captain. You are there to assist the Captain in recruiting, planning Block parties and ensuring safety messaging is delivered to members of your team/group.


Participants are residents in your neighbourhood or complex who agree to be part of your group. A Participants key role is to be aware of their surroundings, be familiar with what suspicious activity looks like and to report the incidents to police. Once they have made a police report, a Participant can then forward information about the crime reported to their Captains for distribution amongst the team/group which keeping privacy a top priority.

No matter what role you are interested in, at no point are you expected to patrol your neighbourhood.

What does Block Watch Provide your Block Watch team/group?

  • Training for Captains & Co-Captains on how to get started, how to maintain a Block Watch map, privacy considerations, guidance in planning Block Parties and methods of reporting incidents of crime.
  • General home security tips.
  • Tips to prevent theft from or of vehicles.
  • Training to all Captains, Co-Captains and participants on how to recognize and report crime and suspicious activity to the police.
  • Notifications about special events and information sessions on various topics.
  • Block Watch window stickers.
  • Block Watch street signs.
  • Resources to recruit members of your team/group.
  • Newsletters to keep you informed of current crime trends, home security tips, crime prevention information and crime stats.
  • Continued Police partnership.
  • A greater sense of safety among residents.

In addition your local office may be able to provide:

  • The use of an engraving pen to mark your valuables
  • A Constable, Auxiliary Constable, Crime Prevention Staff Member or volunteer to attend your first meeting and or Block Watch events.

How to get started

Contact your local Police Department or local Crime Prevention Organization to see if there is an established Block Watch program in your area.
(See list of Society Members under Community Contacts.)

For information on how to start a Block Watch, check out this video!

If your block or neighbourhood does not have an active Block Watch, someone must volunteer to become the Block Captain and enlist the help of Co-Captain(s). All Captains and Co-Captains must be approved by your local police agency as you will be in a position of trust in these roles. This merely involves the completion of an Application form. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance and guidance.