Grants & Awards

Successful Applicants for the 2021 Community Safety Grants

Draw #First NameGroup #MunicipalityCoordinator
1ElaineC300-40North VancouverGursimran Gill
2Lauranone givenVictoriaKimberly Kelley
3Nicolenone givenNorth VancouverGursimran Gill
4Vivannone givenCowichan BaySarah Davidge
5StephenF700-043North VancouverGursimran Gill
6DianeE500-151North VancouverGursimran Gill
7JenniferZ-2 J05-05RichmondRita Leung
8RudiCC-32VancouverLeah Marlay
9MelanieFV-77VancouverLeah Marlay
10HughB200-141North VancouverGursimran Gill
11Beverley1-256SurreyGabriel Pelletier
12JennBS009VictoriaKimberly Kelley
13JillV5074VictoriaKimberly Kelley
14RobertaFairview 68VancouverLeah Marlay
15Jamienone givenDuncanSarah Davidge
16AndreaSCBW083Mill BaySarah Davidge
17Carol-Annnone givenDuncanSarah Davidge
18Mike3-472SurreyGabriel Pelletier
19Ivynone givenNorth VancouverGursimran Gill
20JuliaDNBW62DuncanSarah Davidge
21KatharineE500-085North VancouverGursimran Gill
22Jeannone givenBurnabySusan Salame
23MaureyZone 5North VancouverGursimran Gill
24RuthE500-194 or
North VancouverGursimran Gill
25Catherinenone givenVictoriaKimberly Kelley
26Marites2-453SurreyLindsay Wiebe
27Wendy2-306SurreyLindsay Wiebe
28JaniceF800-025North VancouverGursimran Gill
29LauraE-44-003LangleyFlorence Fowler
30SheriSE-0126BurnabySusan Salome
31Advinder3-384SurreyGabriel Pelletier
32Sharonnone givenChemainusSarah Davidge

Safe Community Grant Application for 2021
Community-Grant-Application-form-2021 (Fillable)


1) Plan your event, then fill and submit this application form directly to the Block Watch Society of BC. Note: submitting an application does not guarantee a group’s claim to a grant. 
2) The deadline to apply is the end of Canada Day, July 1st, 2021.
3) All applications will be carefully reviewed for event and safety criteria by the Block Watch Society of BC Grants Committee.
4) Eligible applications will be drawn at random within two weeks after the application deadline.
5) Eligible events may be held until January 3rd, 2022.
6) Successful groups will receive a Post-Event Report form to document how the money was spent as well as how the event satisfied the criteria agreed to in this form. Grants reimburse expenses that were paid out-of-pocket, so be sure to keep receipts and record safety and crime prevention details.
7) Grant cheques will be issued after the Block Watch Society of BC Grants Committee has received and reviewed your Post-Event Report.

Eligibility for the Grant:
• Community must be an active Block Watch Community or program in good standing with the Block Watch Society of BC
• Neighbourhood applying must be part of their official community Block Watch

Criteria for Grant:
• Eligible events may be held until January 3rd, 2022
• Event must have a component of Crime Prevention and Community Engagement


Block Watch Block Party (describe a crime prevention theme)
Bike safety “rodeo”
Crime Prevention community talk
Neighbourhood beautification initiative (landscaping, murals, maintenance, etc…)

• Event must be inclusive of neighbourhood and neighbours
• Organizers of the event MUST submit a report of their event
• Grants are issued to awarded neighbourhoods after receiving report of the event

Applying for the Grant:
• Complete the attached application
Community-Grant-Application-form-2021 (Fillable)

• Deadline for the application is end of Canada Day, July 1st, 2021.

Selection of Grant Awards:
Each application will be reviewed by a committee formed by the Block Watch Society Board. Decision of awarded grants will be based on:
• Crime prevention component
• Community engagement component

• Previous awards to the same community ( a community awarded a grant in the previous year), although meeting criteria, may be selected after new groups to give all an equal chance of grants awarded.
• Award recipients will be active Block Watch neighbourhoods in active Block Watch Communities

• If more eligible applications are received than can be awarded, those qualifying applications will be chosen at random by the grants committee.
• Only applications received by the deadlines will be considered for selection.


Safe Community Grant Applications were postponed in 2020 due to Coronavirus.

Safe Community Grant details for 2019 (click here)