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Safe Community Grant Application for 2023
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Through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Block Watch Society of BC will be providing Safe Community Grants to Block Watch groups. Engaged communities play a direct role in reducing and deterring crime in neighbourhoods. These grants are a targeted way to help groups re-engage. Each grant will be for $200, with limited availability. The process will be competitive so be sure to make your application as detailed as possible. Please review the following criteria before applying.

Eligibility for the grant:

  • If you received a grant in 2022 you are not eligible to apply for a grant this year.
  • You must live in a municipality or region that has an active membership with the Block Watch Society of BC.
  • Your Block Watch group must be active within your local municipality or region.
  • The event must occur before September 30, 2023.
  • There must be a component of crime prevention, safety or community engagement.
  • Check for provincial restrictions on in-person events, at the time of your event.
  • Event must be inclusive of neighbours.
  • Grant funds will be paid after your post-event report and receipts are submitted
  • Post-event reports must be submitted within 30 days of their event
  • Alcohol cannot be claimed as an event expense.

Here are some ideas for your event:

  • Block Party
  • CPTED or target hardening home projects
  • Bicycle safety and education
  • Emergency preparedness meeting

Selection of Grant Applications:

  • Each application will be reviewed by a committee within the Block Watch Society of BC.
  • Applications must be detailed and include a crime prevention, safety, or community engagement component.
  • Only applications received by the deadline will be considered.
  • Qualifying applications will be chosen at random by the grants committee.

To apply for a Safe Community Grant, complete the attached application and submit to

Deadline for submitting your grant application is May 22, 2023.


Block Watch Society of BC

Safe Community Grants Committee