Community Policing: Eyes and Ears, and Local Caring

No one knows your neighbourhood better than you!  The people that live, work, and have fun in your community have the most insight into your area. This super-local perspective is key to the goals of community policing. This approach to public safety builds on the relationship between community and police, increasing communication and training to better work together.

Block Watch is one of the many programs used by police departments across BC as part of Community Policing. Other examples are local police advisory committees, volunteer patrol programs, or Community Policing offices in some cities like Vancouver for example. These local Vancouver Community Police offices are operated by volunteer members of the community, allowing them to address the issues they see in their own backyard.

The police departments use this local insight, in turn, to respond to community need. This can result in additional police patrols or enforcement projects. A common example is the police department sending traffic officers to set up around school zones to reduce dangerous driving trends identified by local residents.

In Block Watch, we often say that the community is the “eyes and ears” of police. More than this, Community Policing also needs us to work together. We enthusiastically thank all our dedicated, caring members of the community who already work with us. Through caring about your local community and working with police, we achieve better safety wherever you are. For more opportunities to engage in community policing, please contact your local police department.

By Dawn Dickson
Burnaby RCMP

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