Engraving Property


When you document and/or engrave your property, it will increase the chances of having your property returned to you if it is ever stolen or goes missing. Taking photos of your property will also help document it for possible insurance claims and/or police reports. For items which are difficult to engrave, such as jewelry, art, family heirlooms and antiques, photos is a great way to keep a record. Take a picture of yourself with the property and save them to a place which is accessible. Video is a great option too!

Tips to engraving your property are as follows:

    • Engrave property with your driver’s license number. DO NOT use your SIN number.
    • Make sure to put BCDL in front so if it is recovered out of province it can be returned.
    • Engravers work on plastic, metal and wood.
    • Items worth engraving include bicycles, electronic equipment and tools.
    • Make an inventory list of engraved property items and keep it in a safe place.
    • Once you have marked the property put decals on your front and rear doors or windows alerting would be criminals that your property is marked for identification.
    • Engraving – provides evidence of guilt and enables police to detain a suspect who is found in possession of property engraved with someone else’s driver’s license number.
    • There is a higher likelihood that the property will be returned to its rightful owner.
    • Engraving may serve as a deterrent as criminals are less likely to steal marked property.
    • The thief cannot reclaim the property if it is seized.
    • Take photos or video of other valuables.

Decals are provided to Block Watch groups free of charge by the Block Watch Society of British Columbia. In addition your local Block Watch Office may be able to lend you an engraver. 

If you are a member of Block Watch, have your Captain/Co-Captain reach out to your Block Watch Office for resources. They will also have forms you can use to document your property. You can also find a sample of the Block Watch Property Form in your Block Watch manual and training guide.