Graffiti & Vandalism


Graffiti is writing or drawings scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. It is a criminal offence and its presence affects everyone who sees it. Graffiti creates an impression that a neighbourhood is uncared for and unsafe which in turn can invite more vandalism and crime. Graffiti is also personally damaging if it conveys hatred or discrimination.

Preventing/Controlling Graffiti

  • Graffiti and other types of vandalism are a crime and should be reported to police.
  • When witnessing suspicious behavior or graffiti crime, call police immediately at 911 or the Emergency Police # in your area.
  • Remove objects which can be used to access target areas such as roofs.
  • Increase lighting and visibility in vulnerable areas and ensure your property is well lit at all times.
  • The key to controlling graffiti is rapid and consistent removal. The removal takes away notoriety gained by the graffiti vandal and sends a message that their activities will not be tolerated. In some cases, graffiti may need to be removed from the same spot a number of times in order to discourage the vandal. Studies have shown that graffiti tags left up almost always attract more graffiti and other crime to the area.
  • Consider using graffiti resilient paints and products the next time you update the exterior of your home or business.
  • Install video surveillance or motion sensor powered sprinklers or lights in vulnerable areas.