Block Watch Property Log

Keeping a log of your property is a great way to ensure you have all serial numbers documented should your residence or vehicle be broken into. Be sure to store your log in a secure place and have it readily accessible. You can download and print the form and keep a paper record or save it on your computer or mobile device.

You can find a link below to download the Block Watch Property Log PDF Form or you can use it as a guide to make your own. You can also find this form in your Block Watch Training Guide if you are already part of a Block Watch group and have completed a training session.

By keeping a log and reporting details of stolen property to police it will increase the chances of having your property returned to you if it’s stolen or goes missing.    

Lock It!

It takes only seconds for something to be stolen.

  • Ensure your property is secured with an appropriate locking device that’s in good working order.
  • Close and lock your garage door if it’s out of view.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.

Engrave It!

Consider engraving your property, or marking it with a permanent identifier. Some of your local community policing centres may offer engraving services or allow you to sign one out to mark your personal property.

  • Ensure the marking is permanent!
  • Engrave your B.C. driver’s license or B.C. Identification Card number on the property.

You can find more information about engraving property here

Photograph It!

Take photos or videos of items which are hard to mark such as jewelry, art, family heirlooms and antiques. Take a picture of yourself with them, and save them to a place which is accessible. You can also video contents of an entire room. 

Document It!

Record your property/purchases on paper or on an electronic spreadsheet. You can use the fillable spreadsheet on the next page. You can also download a similar form from where you can include images of your property. 

Record the following information: 

  • Serial number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Any identifying or unique marks

Save this information in multiple locations which is easily accessible and be sure to retain a hard copy. If items don’t have serial numbers, consider engraving your DL number, government issued ID number or even your phone number. Do not use your SIN number.

Report It!

If your property is stolen or missing please report it. If it’s ever recovered in a crime, police will then be able to contact you and return it. 

Block Watch Property Log Form (download)