Crime Stoppers’ 9 at 9 Crime Prevention Strategy

Linda Annis, Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers

As the winter weather comes to an end, we can’t wait to start leaving doors and windows open again. Gardening and other activities mean getting outside in the yard, with many of us leaving our doors unlocked and garages open.

That can spell trouble. Some of us can be too lax when we stay home, thinking everything’s safe just because we’re nearby.  Don’t let your guard down. You should think about whether a crook could sneak into the front door while you’re busy in the back.

WE CALL IT “9 at 9”

Prevention is one of the best ways to stop crime in its tracks. We should all remember to do a quick, basic security check around the house every night of the year, whether it’s light out or dark. Police recommend everyone do a check around the home about 9:00 P.M. every night.

When you see something suspicious in your neighbourhood, say something.  Keeping your family and your neighbourhood safe involves everyone in the community reporting activities that aren’t right.  Always be aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood. When you see something suspicious, please call the police. But if you feel more comfortable anonymously reporting your information, that’s when you can call Crime Stoppers.


We are a non-profit society and registered charity that offers rewards for anonymous tip information about criminal activity and provides it to investigators in the Lower Mainland from Powell River to Boston Bar. People can leave anonymous tips in a variety of ways including sending the information through Crime Stoppers’ “P3” smartphone crime reporting app, calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at, or by following the link on the Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers Facebook page. Crime Stoppers accepts tips in 115 different languages. If the information provided results in a charge or an arrest, a cash reward of up to $5000 may be offered. Tipsters stay anonymous by using code numbers to collect their rewards. Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is not the police and operates solely on funds donated or generated through fundraising events. Tax-deductible donations are gratefully received anytime by accessing the “donate” link at

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