Grants and Awards 2019

Safe Communities Celebration Grant 2019


Our first ever live broadcast draw of applications occurred on Tuesday May 7th at 10 AM on Twitter. The randomly selected recipients will be contacted directly along with their respective Block Watch Coordinator / Facilitator. If you have not heard from us yet and want to know if you were chosen, below are the results of the draw.
Note: The video and the results are posted for all to view in the interest of transparency and accountability. No names are given here and addresses are generalized to ensure the privacy of the recipients.
Draw # BW Number Rough Address City
1 None given 2200 Tompkins Cres North Vancouver
2 423005 4500 blk Hazel St Burnaby
3 LA-036 1600 San Juan Ave Victoria
4 D6380-008 13500 Loop (Rd) Maple Ridge
5 99 3900 Rock City Rd Nanaimo
6 B10 005 4700 blk 221 St Langley
7 20 2600 blk Topp Ave Victoria
8 None given 4200 blk Watling St Burnaby
9 5 Sec. 39 1200 blk Rockcrest Ave Victoria
10 None given 1250 blk Woodway Rd Esquimalt
11 5-414 13400 17th Ave Surrey
12 NQ-053 1100 Nicholson St Victoria
13 Z3 F08-02 8100 Lansdowne Rd Richmond
14 D6270-032 11500 blk 232 St Maple Ridge
15 CW 66 200 blk Ashcroft Pl Vernon
16 1-322 10400 University Dr Surrey
17 A-06-001 27100 blk 0 Ave Aldergrove
18 3-375 8400 141st St Surrey
19 None given 1200 blk McKenzie St Victoria
20 B-01-002 5000 blk 215A St Langley
21 FD-014 2000 Saltair Pl Victoria
22 SW-0123 7300 blk Macpherson Ave Burnaby
23 KL-88 6300 Arlington St Vancouver
24 D-30-002 20100 blk 71A Ave Langley
25 VM-020 600 blk Goyette Rd Victoria
26 4-076 6400 Claytonwood Grove Surrey
27 None given 200 St Charles St Victoria
28 2-429 15900 88th Ave Surrey
29 5-450 16700 17B Ave Surrey
30 BW 44 600 blk Jigger Pl Vernon
31 5-443 1500 133A St Surrey
32 None given 1000 blk Gosper Cres Victoria
33 43 900 Buffer Rd Nanaimo
34 FB-001 1700 Applewood Pl Victoria
35 5-294 3400 Canterbury Dr Surrey
36 c-12 46500 Blk Maple Ave Chilliwack
37 21 300 blk Campbell Ave Kamloops
38 24 2100 Beaverbrooke St Oak Bay
39 HS-75 3000 E 2nd Ave Vancouver
40 None given 4900 blk 27th Ave Vernon
41 5-332 3500 149A St Surrey
42 BU 13 3200 Albion Rd Victoria
43 V 5074 1300 blk Grant St Victoria
44 3-384 14100 57A Ave Surrey
45 None given 1700 blk Haultain St Victoria
46 4-198 6000 195A St Surrey
To watch the full video of the draw, you can still go back and see it by looking up our handle @bcblockwatch on

Through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Block Watch Society of BC provides annual grants to Neighbourhoods / Communities to engage them in Crime Prevention initiatives and Community Engagement. It is believed that engaging communities plays a direct role in reducing and deterring crime in those neighbourhoods. Please see the following on the criteria for applying and receiving a Grant this year. There is a maximum of 46 grants for 2019, and the process is competitive.

Each grant is for $150 – an increase from $100 in 2018.

Eligibility for the Grant:
• Community must be an active Block Watch Community or program in good standing with the Block Watch Society of BC
• Neighbourhood applying must be part of their official community Block Watch

Criteria for Grant:
• Event must occur between April 1st and September 30th 2019
• Event must have a component of Crime Prevention and Community Engagement


Block Watch Block Party (describe a crime prevention theme)
Bike safety “rodeo”
Crime Prevention community talk
Neighbourhood beautification initiative (landscaping, murals, maintenance, etc…)

• Event must be inclusive of neighbourhood and neighbours
• Organizers of the event MUST submit a report of their event
• Grants are issued to awarded neighbourhoods after receiving report of the event

Applying for the Grant:
• Complete the attached application

Community Grant Application form 2019

• Deadline for the application is April 23rd, 2019 at noon. 

Selection of Grant Awards:
Each application will be reviewed by a committee formed by the Block Watch Society Board. Decision of awarded grants will be based on:
• Crime prevention component
• Community engagement component

• Previous awards to the same community ( a community awarded a grant in the previous year), although meeting criteria, may be selected after new groups to give all an equal chance of grants awarded.
• Award recipients will be active Block Watch neighbourhoods in active Block Watch Communities

• If more eligible applications are received than can be awarded, those qualifying applications will be chosen at random by the grants committee.
• Only applications received by the deadlines will be considered for selection.

2019 Grant Winners

Here is an example of what one of the 2019 Winner’s did with their successful application.

The Event: Annual Block Watch Neighborhood Potluck BBQ.

About the Event: We invited the Neighbors and many came.  We had a bouncy castle, face painting and other fun activities.  After the meal Alain Johnstone RCMP Block Watch Representative spoke.  He first explained the purpose of Block Watch and then talked about how we can make our Neighborhood safer, when to call in, what to call in and what to watch out for.  He was very thorough and due to his presentation 6 people signed up to join and 3 want to take the training to become Block Watch Captain.  Here are some photos of their fun afternoon.


The Event: BW 3-375 Neighborhood get together.

About the Event: We invited non-Block Watch members in our neighborhood.  Four households signed up.  These are the following topics we explained: Benefits of Block Watch, Monthly report of B & E, Auto theft, Theft from Auto, Catalytic converter thefts, Service scam during summer time, Suspicious activity – especially drug dealing to contact non-emergency, Charity donation, Online crime reporting and away from vacation.  We had open discussion from Break and Enter to suspicious activity.


The Event: Victoria Neighborhood Block Watch Party.

About the Event: BBQ burgers & hotdogs are provided by Red Barn Market. Please bring a potluck dish to share with your neighbours, as well as your
own lawn chairs and plates/cutlery. 
Live music, face painting, crafts for the kids,
Esquimalt Fire Truck will be on site for the kids to inspect.

The Event: Vancouver Neighborhood Block Watch Party.

About the Event: We had a block party to give people a chance to get to know their neighbours.  Our block party included a BBQ, live band, musician and activities for kids.  The Collingwood Community Police and Vancouver Fire Dept. also attended.  This was our third annual block party.

The Event: South Surrey Neighborhood Block Watch Party.

About the Event: Block Party with food and fun games which allowed Block Watch members to connect with each other.

The Event: Vancouver Neighborhood Block Watch Pot Luck Party.

About the Event: The Annual Block Watch Party went off with having 18 attendees from the neighbourhood from different age groups. First we started the event with recapping the crime rate that happened in the neighbourhood and what we can do in in the future to prevent crime from happening in the neighbourhood. Also got an updated contact list of the attendees  who attended the block party.

The Event: Nanaimo Meet and Greet.

About the Event: Block Watch #43 held a greet and meet and 41 people including children gathered at one of the residents properties. We had a barbecue and games set up for the children. It was wonderful to see the neighbors talking and getting to know each other especially some residents
that had just moved into the area. The Block Watch program has enabled us to reach out to the children with pan cake breakfasts, back to school pizza nights and pumpkin carving contests at Halloween. When neighbors know each other and are taught to watch out for one another it makes a much safer and happier neighborhood to live in. All signed up members of the Block Watch #43 have been given Block Watch information on what to do if any suspicious activities are witnessed. 

The Event: Cottonwood Village Summer BBQ.

About the Event: We hosted a Blockwatch BBQ this past weekend (August 25th).  

We were able to have for the kids:
*Kid Zone Craft table
*Face painting
*Relay races with prizes
*Mad Science demonstration for the kids
*Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Drinks and cake

The Event: Topp Ave Safer Community BBQ.

About the Event: Blockwatch BBQ.  

The Event: Saanich Neighborhood BBQ.

About the Event: We hosted a neighborhood BBQ in our back yard.  We placed invitations in peoples mailboxes.  At the BBQ we had a “Safety” gift that folks could put their name in to win by sharing a “Safety Tip” with the other BBQ attendees.  We gave flash lights to new members who signed up at the BBQ. Our event was fun and well attended! Thank You!

The Event: Surrey – District 5 Neighborhood Block Party.

About the Event: We hosted a Neighborhood Block Watch Party.  It was an opportunity for “Neighbors to meet Neighbors”.  We closed off our street and set up a BBQ, tables, chairs and fire pit.  I supplied BBQ stuff (meat, buns, condiments) and all neighbors brought side dishes (pot luck).  Our neighborhood organizes an annual Halloween Parade (attended by over 100 people each year) so we also discussed roles and tasks required for this years parade which will be on Sunday October 27th.

The Event: Blueridge, North Vancouver Neighborhood BBQ and Park beautification.

About the Event: From 2 – 4 PM some of us met in the park to do some clean-up and remove two bins of invasive plants for beautification efforts.  We had a BBQ and invited all the neighbors and those from adjacent streets.  We updated our Block Watch map list finally as the previous captain last updated it October 2014.  We also printed lots of info on bear safety and emergency preparedness for everyone.

The Event: Prado Christmas Party.

Thank you Block Watch Society of BC