Block Watch Training Materials & Jurisdictional Best Practices

Starting a Block

BW Society Membership Application 2021

Participant Guide Sample Manual

New Block Watch Group Interview Questions

Letter To New Block Watch Coordinators 2018

Role of Block Watch Captain, Co-Captain & Participants

Module 1 – Block Watch Community Initial Contact

Module 2 – Starting a Block Watch

Module 3 – Block Watch Coordinator Presentation 

Module 4 – Block Watch File Folder Contents 

Module 5 – Block Watch Recommended Monthly Maintenance 

Module 6 Block Watch Decommissioning Group

Operational Resources

Train the Trainer Zoom recording 2021

BW Member Code Of Conduct 2020

Block Watch Society of BC Trademark Logo Policy

Promoting Your Block Watch

Block Watch and Crime Stoppers

Be the Best Witness

Sample Press Release

Insurance Card for Block Watch Participants

Jurisdiction Best Practices

VPD Training Video – Plexiglass

Surrey Sign Up Sheet block-watch-sign-up-template

Abbotsford Recruiting Best Practices BW recruiting best practices

Vancouver – Log it Or Lose It App vpd-log-it-or-lose-it

Vancouver – Crime Stats Vancouver_and_block_watch_crime_2015


Block Watch Operations Manual 2018

Block Watch Deliverables until June 2018

Strategic Plan

BW Society Strategic Plan 2018-2021


Emergency Preparedness Brochure

BBB Top 10 scams in 2020