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Safe Community Grant Applications postponed due to Coronavirus, please check back for updates.

Notes from the President

Regan Borisenko, Vernon RCMP

Block Watch is a brand that creates Crime Prevention Groups involved in Community Safety throughout British Columbia.

For 27 years we have been in the service of the Province and our Block Watch Society members. Our mandate is to bring crime prevention and community safety education to BC municipalities and communities, and we are to be the only organized province-wide, Operational Crime Prevention Program in Canada. 

It is clear that not only is this Program vital for activating the residents of our Province to be part of the solution to crime, but it also plays an important role in the evolution of a centralized Operational Crime Prevention Program that our government and police agencies alike can continue to utilize in combating crime across the province.

You will find that we have added profiles of all our Directors on our website so everyone can know more about those leading and shaping the future of the Society. Please check them out and, if you have any contact with them, offer thanks for the countless hours they have contributed to making this one of the best Crime Prevention Programs in Canada.

COVID-19 has affected all parts and aspects of our lives and another victim of this pandemic is the Community Grants for 2020. I understand that this will disappoint some of you and I ask your understanding and patience during this time of uncertainty. Our strength is in the community cohesiveness created when being part of a Block Watch Crime Prevention Group and the grant was a small opportunity to help people get together. Both the Province and the Society need to make sure you are all safe and will notify you when we can get together again as soon as possible.

May is Emergency Preparedness Month and in preparation for any flooding or fires that may come our way please check out the following websites:

Be safe – be prepared!



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Block Watch Society of BC recently featured in Joy TV Fraser Focus

Video Release

Below is a montage of BWS’s new videos that were developed to help raise the level of education about Block Watch in member communities.


Click here to view all of BWS’s new Block Watch Videos!

Watch them all, share widely and please use them in your Block Watch training or crime prevention education. The only thing we ask is that you provide feedback to us on how you used our videos and how they helped.

How Block Watch Helps Recognize and Combat Drug Houses

Click here to read an adaptation of Superintendent Shawna Baher’s Presentation on drug houses and what Block Watch neighbourhoods can do about them!

Detachment Commander of the Vernon RCMP, Supt. Shawna Baher, speaking to Block Watch coordinators at the BWS-BC 2018 Training Symposium.

Recognize & Report Gang Activity in your Neighbourhood

Click here to read a detailed summary of Dr. Keiron McConnell’s presentation: “Gang Activity in Neighbourhoods and How to Recognize it and Report it!”

Dr. Keiron McConnell giving his presentation at the BWS-BC’s 2018 Training Symposium.


When you are ready to bring Block Watch to your municipality click on the link below and submit your application.

NOTE: address change to 891 Mt. Bulman Place, Vernon BC V1B 2Z4

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