Welcome to Block Watch

Block Watch brings police and communities together in their common goal of community safety.

Block Watch is an inclusive, community-based program that connects people, builds relationships, and creates a strong sense of community. Participating in Block Watch involves being alert to your surroundings, talking to your neighbours, being aware of local crime trends and learning current crime prevention techniques from your local Block Watch office. When you see something suspicious or witness criminal activity you are asked to safely observe and report what you see to police and share the information with your Block Watch group. Groups can be set up in residential neighbourhoods and multi-family dwellings and complexes.



Municipal Block Watch Programs in British Columbia operate under the governance of the Block Watch Society of BC, an organization that provides direction, training, and materials to Coordinators.

Block Watch Society of BC programs are delivered by either a police department, municipal agency, or Indigenous Office. The Society has the sole license for the Program in BC.

How to Get Involved

To contact your local Block Watch office or learn more, please click here.