Welcome to Block Watch

Block Watch is a very successful crime prevention program, designed to keep neighbourhoods safer. When municipalities and police form partnerships with their communities and employ the Block Watch program, it reduces residential crime, provides a stronger sense of safety for everyone and helps build stronger and connected communities.

What are the Objectives of Block Watch?

The main objective of the Block Watch Society of BC is to partner with communities to build safer neighbourhoods by encouraging residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety. Through educational material and presentations provided by the Block Watch Program, volunteers learn how to recognize suspicious activity, how and when to report crime to police, target hardening, preservation of evidence and how to be a good witness. Block Watch provides a means for the community to take responsibility for its own safety by reducing the opportunity for crime.

Block Watch Member programs operate under the mandate of the Block Watch Society who in turn provide:

  • Support, training, mentoring and materials to police agencies & community programs
  • Coordinate the link of community programs to each other
  • Provide ongoing training and sharing of best practices
  • Work with police agencies to assist with problem solving, suggesting and supporting strategies for positive change
  • Focus on reducing the risk of property crime – particularly residential and auto crimes

What are the benefits of Block Watch?

 The active involvement and participation of citizens in a Block Watch program will:

  • Increase crime awareness in their neighbourhoods.
  • Improve knowledge of security measures to better protect their home and property.
  • Encourage reporting of suspicious behaviour and activity.
  • Reduce incidents of crime through education
  • Receive training to know how to identify suspects in crime mode and suspicious behaviour and report it more effectively
  • Allow direct access to an experienced crime prevention advocate
  • Increase trained volunteers to be the eyes and ears for the community and the police.
  • Create opportunities to improve community connections.
  • Discount offered on home insurance premium through some carriers.

How to get involved

If you are interested in starting or joining a Block Watch in your neighbourhood, please reach out to your local police department for more information and/or contact the Block Watch Society of BC for assistance and direction. You can find our contact information below. We look forward to working with you in our common goal to make our communities a safe place to work and live.